Deborah Luce is the current the owner of Paradise Pure Seed Ginger (formerly partnered with Kareen Haskin).   We learned about bacterial wilt and how it can devastate a ginger crop through public forums sponsored by the University of Hawaii in 2012/2013.   The importance of clean seed was stressed at these workshops.   The University grew seed from tissue culture in their lab and distributed a few ounces of clean ginger seed to the public who attended their workshops.   Over the past four years, the 6 to 9 ounces of ginger seed we received at the workshops have produced thousands of pounds of ginger seed.   We added turmeric seed in 2015. 

Our ginger seed has never been or will be in the ground.  Every year specimens are given to the University of Hawaii for DNA tests, and our ginger continues to be free of bacterial wilt disease.